Company Profile

Headquarters: 1-22-20, Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0051
Phone: 03-3755-8111 (Rep.) Fax: 03-3755-8100
Affiliated Companies Nihon Sake Net Co., Ltd. Odaiba Delivery Center
(4-3-18, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Nihon Sake Net Co., Ltd. Ageo Delivery Center
(600-1, Ageomura, Ageo, Saitama)
Establishment: Novemver 1st, 1936
Incorporation: March 22, 1954
Capital: 10 million yen
Annual Sales: 26.65 billion yen (FY2020)
Account Closing Month: January
Board Members: President and Representative Director: Ichiji Enomoto
Representative Director: Masaaki Enomoto
Number of Regular Employees: 81 (As of Sep 2021)
Business Description: Distribution and retail of refined sake from across Japan, synthetic sake, shochu, domestic/imported Western liquors, domestic/imported wines that are approved by regional taxation bureaus, condiments, food, frozen and chilled food, fruits, rice, and soft drinks. Restaurant operation.
Merchandise: Number of items in inventory: More than 20,000 items at all times. Domestic/imported beers and low-malt beers: Approx. 900 types Wines from around the world: Approx. 6,500 types
Domestic/imported famous whiskies and brandies: Approx. 2,500 types Liqueurs and spirits from around the world: Approx. 2,400 types
Sake from established breweries/Regional refined sake: Approx. 2,700 types Domestic shochu by famous brands: Approx. 1,000 types
Soft drinks, condiments, frozen food and other restaurant fixtures: Approx. 4,000 typesSoft drinks, condiments, frozen food and other restaurant fixtures: Approx. 4,000 types
Major Clients Japan: Approx. 7,500 businesses (based on actual operating businesses)
Restaurants, food and beverage businesses in the Tokyo metropolitan area, city hotels, ceremony (funeral and wedding) halls, government and municipal agencies, airlines, karaoke chains, other food and beverage businesses across Japan.
Main financing banks: (1) Sawayaka Shinkin Bank (Omori Chuo Branch ) (2) Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Kamata Branch)
(3) Shoko Chukin Bank (Headquarters Sales Department) (4) Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Omori Branch)
(5) MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Kamata-Ekimae Branch) (6) Resona Bank, Limited. (Kamata Branch)
(7) The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. (Kamata Branch)
Facility OverviewFacility Overview 【Headquarters Building】
・Lot area: 830 m2 ・Building size: One 5-story building
・Office area (2th–5th floor): 700 m2 ・Warehouse area: 363 m2

【Odaiba Delivery Center】
・Lot area: 6,707 m2 ・Building size: One 5-story building
・Office area (2th–5th floor): 700 m2 ・Warehouse area: 10,365 m2

【Major Facilities】Note: Partially air conditioned in the warehouse
Draft beer refrigerator: 147 m2 (45 tsubo) , Temperature zone: +5°C, Refrigerator: 113 m2 (34 tsubo) Temperature zone: +5 0°C
Two wine coolers : Total of 678 m2 (206 tsubo), Temperature zone: +15°C
Two freight elevators (3 tons maximum capacity each) Two vertical conveyors (2 tons maximum load each) One passenger elevator