Our Philosophy and Principles

Our Philosophy

Led by our slogan of “UNIDIS” (UNIversal DIStributor), ENOMOTO LIQUORS CO.,LTD is a supplier of alcoholic beverages, foods, and products from around the world. Through these products, their features, and their history, we support the success of our customers’ businesses. We aim to be a company that brings joy to customers and earns their gratitude, appreciation, and, through our ethical behavior, their respect. To accomplish this, each and every ENOMOTO LIQUORS CO.,LTD employee strives to be sincere, kind, warm, and honest.

Our Principles

  1. Our work reflects our aspirations and ambitions.
    1. 1. We strive for perfection in our work.
      Our company supports our employees who want to live life to the fullest. To achieve this, we believe that each and every person must do the best work they can.
    2. 2. Our ambitions are reflected in our work.
      If your work isn’t backed by ambitions, not only will you be unable to move others, but even your own heart will remain unmoved.
  2. We work diligently and patiently, led by a spirit of altruism.
    1. 1. We enjoy working diligently, and never succumb to anger, greed, or laziness.
      This is because we believe that work is life’s greatest learning opportunity.
    2. 2. In our work, we are led by a spirit of altruism.
      This is because we believe that the joy in our work springs from making people happy and earning their appreciation.
  3. We are always bright and cheery.
    1. 1. We always provide service with a smile.
      We believe that maintaining a cheery disposition is one of the ways we can offer hospitality.
    2. 2. We do not gossip or disparage others.
      Gossip and derogatory comments don’t just negatively affect our own spiritual wellbeing, but that of those around us as well.
  4. We cooperate closely with colleagues.
    1. 1. We go out of our way to help each other.
      Our colleagues are like family members or friends, supporting each other as we face ordeals. The people we work with are our greatest treasures.
    2. 2. We cheer each other on.
      Our ideal workplace is one brimming with wonderful colleagues that root for each other’s success.
  5. We think and act positively.
    1. 1. We are thankful for the challenges we encounter every day.
      We see them as opportunities for growth and development.
    2. 2. We are never reticent with praise.
      Praising others doesn’t just elevate their spirits, but it also makes us warmer and cheerier.
  6. We act with humility.
    1. 1. We are never haughty.
      Arrogance isolates people and makes them unhappy.
    2. 2. We always feel gratitude to our customers, partners, colleagues, family members, and community as a whole.
      Happiness comes from gratitude, and we want to work joyously, with a constant sense of gratitude.
  7. We act with honesty.
    1. 1. We keep our promises, and never lie.
      Always keeping our word and never deceiving others is absolutely essential if we wish to earn the trust of our customers.
    2. 2. We seek fair profits.
      We do not succumb to greed, but instead know when to be satisfied with what we have. This grants us spiritual richness and lets us work with a feeling of gratitude.
  8. We always apply ourselves.
    1. 1. We are constantly training.
      Each and every one of us must be a consummate professional if we wish to contribute to our customers.
    2. 2. We always strive to be good and to do good.
      Our goal is for people to see us as truly wonderful people.
  9. We constantly use our creativity to take on new challenges.
    1. 1. We are always coming up with new ideas and improvements.
      A life without growth is a life of boredom and unease.
    2. 2. We fearlessly take on challenges in new fields.
      You can’t feel passion about work that is a guaranteed success.
  10. We act as a responsible corporate citizen.
    1. 1. We thoroughly comply with all laws and regulations. Earning the trust of our customers requires us not only to thoroughly comply with all laws and regulations, but to act with love in our hearts.
    2. 2. We do work that earns the gratitude of our customers.
      The profits we make are a reflection of the thankfulness our customers feel towards us. Our goal is to earn the gratitude of others.